TCE Series

The TCE Press is the most well developed C-type press concept in the world, recognized for its structural rigidity that provides extended tool life. Suitable for general metal stamping by the flexibility, precision and high performance it offers.

  • Structural sturdiness: Side plates that protrude toward the front of the machine, acting as a tie rod to reduce the machine’s “C” deflection, thus increasing stamping accuracy, piece quality, and tool life;
  • Flexibility: Adjustable stroke provides ease of adaptation of various tools, a key feature for those who work as service providers;
  • Precision: Six faces slide guides, ensuring stability to the set during stamping.
  • Construction: transverse shafts mean our presses was built with more energy than those with front shafts, in addition to operating with helical gearing in an oil bath for a soft and low-noise transmission.


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Prensas Mecânicas - Tipo C - Série TCE

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